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clothing entered room and groped victim. last seen, third floor. >> police used what victims told them matching it to video to identify the suspect. >> there was a system tracking movement at the entrances and exists and every floor. video is clear. >> police arrested the suspect off campus saying he does not live on campus. as you might imagine, quick arrests was a we eleven. >> within the day. they did a great job. >> and at least they have the guy that did it easy access to dorms that are supposed to be secure raised concerns. >> am i safe? people should just lock doors. >> the university says it has encouraged dorm students to lock their bedroom doors
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especially at night. and also likes to foster a community-like environment within the dorms so it will be meeting with students to determine what other measures may be put into place to help students feel more secure but not restricted. >> and city leaders are up against a deadline to finalize the latest round of job cuts. the question is how many positions will be eliminated because of the decision to slash redevelopment money? tonight, there are some tough decisions. >> yes. eliminating that redevelopment money has been difficult for oakland and here is why. other cities created redevelopment agencies to manage that money and those projects. but instead, oakland used a lot of employees to do that
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and so now they're having to untangle them selfs from the money. 2400 pink slips were issued last week, city leaders mulling over how many will be leading to people losing jobs. there is about $7.5 million supposed to be used for winding down projects in progress. 81 positions proposed to be eliminated because of a complicated system. there is most employees with seniority would be able to bump less senior works out of their positions. one leader says workers are on edge. >> there has been very little involvement of the employee groups. and we think we have a lot to offer about how to handle this
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process. >> and i spoke with a senior staffer, she teal tels me they're trying to see if they can use the $7.5 million to provide two weeks final pay for workers losing their jobs. and this city administrator's office wanted to make it clear the $7.5 kblinl is not new money or something they just found but money they had budgeted so they can line down these projects and this is reporting live in oakland abc 7 news. >> and berkeley police say the first homicide of the year appears to be a targeting shooting. the 35-year-old just left his job when he was gunned down on the sidewalk. the gunman fired two dozen rounds, spraying the wous bullets and breaking several
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windows. >> he did not deserve what anyone had did to him. and we're out a brother. >> the barber shop has become a meeting place for friends and family to born. >> local authorities are delighted with the break up of what they're calling a major drug trafficking ring. police arrested 28 people from seattle to the bay near an investigation called operation hon duran highway. people are charged with multiple felonies including conspiracy to possess cocaine. >> california prison officials are using a familiar weapon to
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tackle a growing problem. police dogs such as max are trained in sniffing out drugs and now, they're being used to sniff out cell phones chr being used to drive gang activities behind bars and prisons. anything from witness intimidation to drug deals and assaults. >> this is calling up bigger gang members and family members and getting word to find out what they're supposed to be doing. >> last year 14,000 cell phones were confiscated and officials say guards are the most-likely smugglers. and. >> the state p.u.c. has just announced it will fine pg&e $16.8 million for failing to conduct pipeline leak surveys. this is just out moments ago there is no reaction yet for the power company as the congress woman is calling on
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the governor to make a change in the investigation of pg&e. and the congress woman is upset with the commission president's plan to lead the next phase of the review, she contends he's partly to blame for the explosion this, week, pefy appointed himself to head the investigation and spear says the governor has power to make the change on this issue and called the office on that. but the staff did not get back to us at least not yet. we're stit stil waiting to hear. california utilities are the target of a proposal to limit compensation. under a bill the three largest state utility koz not pay more than $348,000. if that happened someone like pg&e's ceo would take a big hit in pay. his compensation last year
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nearly $9 million. if they want to raise the pay, they could do so only out of the company's profits not from the money paid by the power companies customers. >> and there are many californians voting in separate districts after the state skourt upheld a plan adopted by an independent commission. republicans oppose the new boundaries because they put more districts towards the democratic party. tax laws have to pass by a tw-thirds math tie security breech tonight. 400 employees in redwood city sequoia hospital ended up with names and social security numbers exposed on a web page. reporting it happened sometime ago but the information remained online until the hospital learned bit and an employee posted this
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information on the web and a statement saying it regrets this breech. >> one analyst forecasting an opening price for facebook's initial offering. saying facebook is looking for between $38 and $40 a share and says facebook will be listed on new york stock exchange not tech-heavy nasdaq and confirming a report that facebook will be filing next tuesday, maybe wednesday. >> and a bay area mother is making history in the middle east with help of a teen-aged railly boy who lost a leg to a land mine. first they met met with the israeli prime minister to talk about removing land mine them. want to remove a million and a half land mines in israel and
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west bank. klum met with the authority secretary general. daniel visited abc 7 to tell his story and lobbied the israeli government last year to pass a law to create a mine-clearance action plan. >> and coming up police revisit a vicious qais a critical piece of evidence. >> and also, a popular lap band center is under the microscope. feds want to know if it misled patients. >> i'm sandhya patel. round two of sunshine, spring like warmth tomorrow, but weekend doesn't end that way. i'll be back with details on the changes that are coming up just ahead. >> also soon soon you'll be able to zip through a congested part of the south bay but it's going to cost you. stay with us.
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a south bay man beaten and called a terrorist outside of his grocery store is hoping a sketch will lead to an arrest. take a look at the sketch here, police released it today. the suspect described as his pab panic and about 200 pounds, the victim says he was leaving this store last month when attacked by a group who broke his jaw and knocked out sixteenth. the victim is hindu. he does not want to be identified. >> and there is a new set of toll lanes will open next month. and this will rush on a four mile sketch to first street. solo drivers will get to use the carpool lane for a fee depending on congestion levels some are excited. >> i think it's great. i mean we'll see what happens, how busy it gets. and if it will be worth it or
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not. everybody else might be saying it's worth a couple duck autos do you think it is? >> yes. definitely. >> toll lanes have not been well received in the east bay, commuters say the lanes through the sonol grade were a disaster because drivers were not given time to adjust. >> and u.s. health regulators detained imported orange juice after samples tested positive for a young yi side saying three shipments from brazil have been stopped from entering u.s. market. the scare began after the coca-cola company found knit a ship frmt brazil. it is legal there sh but not here in the united states. u.s. officials say the amounts found do not pose a safety risk. and there is lap land surgery
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centers are under investigation for possible fraud. insurance giant aetna says it's cooperating but 9 the times reports they're looking into practices of the lap band surgery centers and risks associated with the procedure. >> san francisco leads as the greenest big city. the rest of the bay area is also showing leadership. this sunday we hear from why it's so critical and how it creates hundreds of jobs. and there is enough snow to bring skiers and snow boarders out in force. >> this is pooring rain,
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drivers can expect dry conditions along interstate 880. today smrks people got a head start on their drive. this 3-year-old and his family are enjoying a snow day. they stopped at this mountain along interstate 80 because it was the first pile of snow they found. >> we knew there won't be a lot. >> and we'd normally have tons of snow here. >>. >> i the manager is hoping it will be a boost for business. >> we're hoping to capital kpolize on folks coming up and enjoying snow.
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>> at sugar bowl just 75% of the slopes are open. >> i think this is the big big weekend we're going to seem we did get 52 inches of snow. >> about a thousand jeers were on the slopes today. visits were up 80% from a week ago. >> i pretty much expected it. >> it may not be perfect conditions for skiing but this guy is finding plenty to do to keep him busy. >> and chp reminds drivers to slow down, giveheim time to get where you're going and use extra caution. >> and thank you. >> and let's focus on weather
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here in the bay area hitting weekend. >> and boy, we're looking forward to it. >> i hope you are. tomorrow going to be as nice as today. isn't it just lovely outside? >> this is spring like. >> everybody is in a good mood. we do have rain coming for those of you who like the rain. there is a live picture looking towards sutro tower, you can see beautiful shot of the setting sun there. official sunset time coming up there. live look from our camera, and looking back towards san francisco across the bay there, it's clear outside. very different scene this morning and many of you noticed. and we had dense fog around parts of the bay area. and the wind switched direction directions and with an off shore flow, the fog cleared out. sun was out. take a look at temperatures. think rose 73 degrees and it
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was a warm day. livermore, redwood city, half moon bay, san jose into mid-60s, and there is another beautiful one tomorrow as mentioned. temperatures now into 50s and 60s and it's clear outside. patchy frost inland. but a chance of showers returning sunday night to the bay area and possibility of snow showers after midnight. it's going to be cold tonight. you need to turn up the heat. 33 in fairfield and napa. these will be oldest locations. upper 30s for fremont, chilly on the coast. half moon bay, 39. we don't have clouds to insulate us tonight so we're expecting a cold night. but tomorrow there is still an
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off shore flow continuing temperatures run mild again, tomorrow, will be feeling like spring. sunday, pattern changes and this system here is going to bring us more clouds. you'll see cloud cover increasing with rain beginning to develop. first in the north bay, then, scattered so anyone can see a shower heading into monday morning. keep umbrellas around as you head back to work. there are 67 santa rosa. half moon bay, oakland all mid-60s. there is san jose, 67 degrees, around the bay, it's really beach weather. okay? water is cold. nice looking to head to the beach. there is a look at the accu-weather forecast.
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unseasonally mild for this time of the year, mid to upper 60s tomorrow, cooler sunday, monday. you'll notice showers sunday night into early monday morning. and not going to be a heavy duty storm, and there is continuing into friday there is a dry pattern again. we're so behind. about 32% to 56% of normal. snow pack is 40% of average. just hoping by the time we head into the hiddel of februaries wile get changes there. and chris cal ball doesn't show anything better. >> and nothing changes. may be beyond that friday forecast we can be seeing. >> there is a swaex where one 2004 catches snup. >> it's go owing to take time. and there is some good
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soakers. and we need a long stretch of wet weather here to catch us up. >> we do. it hasn't been winter like lately. >> thank you. >> and there is finney's friday free stuff, up next. tonight, snack autos and an east bay team with a skplif death mission. discovering volunteers isn't always free.
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>> just in case you forgot, it's friday. you're hatchy now, right? >> michael is here with finney's friday free stuff today.
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>> this look goods. >> hungry? >> you are now. >> these are from safeway. it's a now brand of snack foods. and they're good food. what i like about it is that show how this opens up. >> this is resealable. >> yes. like resealable, almost like zip bags. >> there is strong shield, too. and there is specials, too. you're going to get both chip and pretzels so you can try them out for yourself. >> so this is coolest and most unique tote i've seen. there are tote bags out there. do you see how flat this is? there is a zipper up front. what it's made for is with these straps. so that your hauling around your skateboard, scooter and
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stroller. and so this is this way. it's actually all made homemade. >> that is fun. >> and i would have loved to have had one of these. >> how can i get one? >> great question. let me show you right here. and you can log on at any time. >> can't wait. >> thank you very much. >> next san francisco zoo's special guest in a chinese new year plus... which lucky guests can get free admission to see him? >> and oscars are a month away. just log on to abc's exclusive
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once again the president promises justice for victims of the foreclosure crisis. also, the human fire that gutted an apartment building and a school that could use your help z swapping software for hard hat, after 6:30 an executive abandoned the tech industry for a brick and mortar job. >> thank you. >> and san francisco zoo is celebrating with its own dragon. >> it is a bearded dragon from australia. >> and is now the star of this year's lunar new year festivities. >> one can get in for free.

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